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    Lingnan Garden Co., Ltd. is a large-scale garden leading enterprise integrating landscape planning and design, garden engineering construction, municipal greening maintenance and seedling production and sales. Lingnan is committed to creating a harmonious and natural living environment, which is operated by EDS Interior. Ivan Tang is designed to create a fluid, interactive, flexible green office space that embodies natural elements throughout the modern, modern space.

The reception hall is designed with environmental protection and elegant design. The screen is used as a partition. The natural rhythm makes the space relax, creating an elegant and quiet feeling for the space. The floor uses dark stone to make the space tone more harmonious.

As a classic Chinese element, the round window is ingeniously matched with light and shadow effects and decoration. It not only solves the problem of lighting, but also interacts with the outside world. The wooden cabinet embellishes the traditional Chinese elements with modern aesthetics, and the rhyme dyes a rich space.

The chairman's office adopts a new Chinese style in design, which displays the corporate culture through wooden office furniture, and presents the rich oriental club space. At the same time, the soft color lighting is used to create a relaxed atmosphere for customers and companies. "Zero distance" trust and intimacy.

The VIP room directly represents the company's image, not only to meet the functional needs, but also to give visitors a comfortable experience, seemingly casual Chinese art embellishment, but inadvertently show elegant taste, so that the entire space layout is reasonable and refined.

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