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    Pirelli tires are one of the world's most prestigious tire companies. Known for their intergenerational technology, high standards of production excellence and eager pursuit of innovation. Pirelli tires, with more than 100 years of history, has become legends in the tire industry. The target consumer is the high-end consumer group. The office space is set up in Shanghai, designed by BYLU Design Studio and constructed by EDS Interior.

In the consideration of space layout and moving line design, in order to balance the dual needs of office and exhibition hall, to meet the functions of business reception, intelligent office and leisure negotiation, it incorporates multi-perspective elements, and then becomes an artistic design.

The manager's office uses a simple office chair and a gray floor to create a light and tensioned space that further creates a layer of space. Close to the window, when the sun is projected into the space, you can enjoy the beauty while you are tired.

In open office area, the office work stations are arranged vertically in the order of space, so as to meet the requirements of the number of stations, and also try to open the space to avoid the transition of space, and promote more communication among employees. Increase the centripetal force within the company.

The meeting room is designed with solid wall columns and transparent glass. The space is colored and the furniture is calm, creating a simple and stylish and rational meeting atmosphere.

The tea room is a rectangular space. In order to reconcile the visual experience of the space, it continues the simple design of the space. While meeting the space requirements, it also intends to enhance the capacity of the space. The color matching has the effect of relieving the suppression of work and awakening people's positive emotions.

The leisure area is designed around the circular column, and the glass window can be spliced into the combination chair to make each place become the inducer of the design and add vitality. The two sides of the space are flexibly intertwined in an interpenetrating manner, bringing a change in shape and function to the existing space.

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