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    Hormel Foods is a well-known independent pork processing company in the United States and the world's largest turkey producer. It is known for its high quality, deliciousness, nutrition and health.

    The office space was designed by Evan Interior's Ivan Tang. After fully considering the customer's needs, the designer wraps the interior space to make it an organic whole. Remove the seriousness, use warm colors and natural materials to dominate the indoor space, make the whole space to give people care and warmth, let employees feel that the enterprise is a big family.

reception area

The designer wraps the interior space into an organic whole. Remove the seriousness, use warm colors and natural materials to dominate the indoor space, so that the entire space becomes care and warm, LOGO wall is located in front of the door, allowing customers to directly feel the strength of the company brand.

Reading area

For the overall office space, the designer also specially set up the activity office area according to the design concept of work and rest. I hope that the staff has multiple office areas, and the office area is not fixed together, so that the employees can lead their own work and benefit the office. Efficiency is more effective.

Recreation area

The space in the recreation area creates a unique landscape that provides a comfortable atmosphere for the employee's tea break. With plenty of natural light, the open floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the outdoors. The use of art glass, shadow wood and light-toned materials to interpret the space, without too much decoration to quiet the entire space, to avoid the discomfort of the echo.

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