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    CJ is the largest food company in Korea. Founded in 1953, CJ provides customers with health, happiness and convenience in all aspects of life. It is recognized as a trustworthy company by customers and has a branch office in Shanghai. The office space was designed by DDS Interior Company Ding Suyang. The purpose of the division is to create a simple and practical office space for the company.

The kitchen display area adopts most of the white design patterns. The visual display of the elegant wood color creates a comfortable experience while weakening the boundaries of the space. The warm design elements create a simple, Elegant office environment.

The design of the whole tea room gives people the feeling that it is like a kitchen in the family. It reflects people-oriented, not only satisfies the catering, but also does not disturb the quiet working state of the office area, which can greatly increase the sense of belonging of employees.

The open office area uses natural orange seats and warm-colored desks, which echo each other to create a comfortable and stress-free working environment. The layout is square, and while meeting the office needs, the staff can relax and stretch. The area of mind and body.

The small meeting room is set in the "glass box", and the glass partition is used reasonably. The main function is to let the employees gather together conveniently, enhance the internal communication and interaction, and let the impromptu negotiation and informal meetings be freely carried out anytime, anywhere.

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