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    L'L'Eclair De Genie bread is a delicate dessert from Paris, France, with homemade bread, cakes, puffs and more. EDS Interior was invited to design a bakery for L'Eclair de Genie on the third floor of Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza, created by designer NIKO.

     Designers hope to integrate Paris's lifestyle concept into the store, creating a sense of high-level, attracting a wider range of ages, allowing more young people to accept branded bread. People can buy fresh bread and organic food here, or take a lunch or sit down and enjoy the food.

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The counter uses marble stone to cover the entire countertop, without adding too many other modifications. As a key element in the design, the long counter connects the box back and the cover to each other to make an ultra-transparent glass, to a greater extent. Display the bread placed in the box, so as to maintain the continuity of the display area, the horizontal structure of the laminate can also give the entire bread shop an extension and display function.

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A design with a sense of design and practicality is an important factor to attract consumers. The most outstanding part of this project is the designer's use of the modeling wall, which has a screen composed of circular and semi-circular mirrors. Elegant and slender curves create a three-dimensional decorative embellishment space, simple and geometric, highlighting the modern style of the store, echoing the store environment, making the space full of warmth.

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The white marble dining table echoes the counter, unifying the overall style, blending the gray and pink sofas with the lights, in addition to increasing comfort, the more anxious mood instantly calms down. The ceiling of the wall and the wooden partition creates a sense of extension that stretches like a wave, making the environment a little more dynamic, making the overall environment the focus of the entire mall's visual center.

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