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    Caitong Fund as the industry's first commodity futures goods pass fund only door, the office space is headquartered in Shanghai, by EDS Interior construction company, concise and connect fully, whole space presents the broadness amounts to the pattern of shu kuang, with simple and agile line rich visual enjoyment, USES anacreontic contracted and modern elements, create humanized working atmosphere.

The soft decoration of the chairman's office integrates modern techniques with Chinese traditions, and the use of color and furniture in the space is gradually becoming stable, which naturally distinguishes the nature of the space, with transparent and open landscape, rich in the breath of classical culture, showing a dignified and simple, elegant characteristics.

The negotiation area is semi-private and enclosed. The ink painting is used as a decorative embellishment. The overall color is light and elegant. The curved carpet and the furniture form a visual contrast to ease the aesthetic fatigue, so that the space does not appear too monotonous, and the soft and quiet Comfortable atmosphere.

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