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    Essilor is a global leader in the optometry industry, dedicated to creating more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and durable lenses. Headquartered in Shanghai, the office space is created by EDS Interior. Combining the current trends and aesthetics, the overall space reflects the high-class taste with artistic decorative elements.

Large conference room

The conference room has made a lot of breakthroughs in design, and the simple and straight lines are mostly decorated with the finishing touch. Optimize the overall space with streamlined ceiling treatment combined with different textured wall decorations.

The overall conference space is modern and high-end, with a desk and black seats, and multimedia equipment with a glass wall that can be written. The pure and minimalist space is filled with all kinds of fantasy and infinite possibilities.

conference room

The style of the negotiation room is simple and fresh, and the details are very delicate. The space not only ensures privacy, but also maximizes the use of space for convenient communication.

Small meeting room

The small conference room designer uses the LCD screen to display different pictures and contents, which makes the conference convenient. The ground is black carpet, which has the function of being atmospheric, wear-resistant and easy to clean. It creates a comfortable space through simple, clean and comfortable modern design.

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