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This is the office space design project of the English training institution. The designer is Matteo Ferrara of EDS Interior. From Milan, the design style is clear and the ideas are clear. It has more than 10 years of experience in commercial construction and construction. This time he hopes to create a creative space where students can open their hearts, speak and think positively in such a space.

The designer changed the wall to a writable blackboard, which not only played a decorative role, but also made good use of the wall space. Teachers could freely write on the wall and discuss the course.

Directly in front of the front desk is an open office area. The design of the steps is used to develop every area of ​​the space to the extreme. Students can rest, communicate and communicate here, learning from each other. The designer focuses on creating an active learning environment for the students. Atmosphere. At the same time, let the parents directly enter the space through the guidance of the moving line, you can really feel the teaching strength and learning atmosphere of the organization.

In the design of the classroom, the designer minimizes the intervention of the space as much as possible. Using gradient wallpapers, the classroom will not be dull, and the development of thinking is very important to anyone. Through the combination of green plants and soft clothes, there is a different style here. Feel free to discuss your progress, share your experiences, and grow up with each other in your interactions.


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