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Founded in 2000, NetScience's daily business covers Internet content distribution and acceleration, cloud computing, cloud security, and global distributed data centers. The office space was designed and built by EDS Interior.

Reception area

With a grey-textured marble and brown rug, it is full of elegance. The silver-gold screen is used as a compartment to harmonize with the overall style, revealing a Chinese style. The ceiling design echoes the aisle blanket on the ground, and there is an elegant flavor.

Manager room

In the manager's office, the orange light and the ground light reflected by the marble reflect each other, making people feel dignified. The ceramics on the wooden cabinets and the ink paintings on the walls are elegant and chic.

Chairman's office

The cabinets embedded in the wall increase the storage space and are also a vivid cultural display wall, which helps visitors to understand the company's culture more deeply.
Chairman's office

Chairman's office

Irregular ceiling lights, with a strange shape, convey the belief that technology companies are always pursuing innovative breakthroughs. Simple color matching, elegant and generous, giving a comfortable feeling.

Recreation area

Separated from the office area by the long sofa chair, on the one hand, the space is enlarged, which is easy to create a relaxed and pleasant conversation atmosphere. Secondly, the visitors can feel the scale and strength of the company more intuitively.

Office area

The overall vision is broad, considering that office workers may experience work fatigue, and then looking up and down may be able to get temporary relief. In addition, it is more convenient to communicate and transfer, to ensure the efficiency of the work.

Sports room

Mainly in the light green, tender yellow, light blue and other energetic and energetic colors, creating a dynamic space. The movement of the human body and the green trees and blue sky background remind people of the importance of sports. The corner ladder provides a place to rest, and you can also share and chat with friends over there to achieve the role of stress relief exercise.


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