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        The design key words of the whole space of the project - technology, fashion, unrestrained, no sense of restraint,  luxury interior design everything is to make the design rich enterprise attributes, technology and science fiction is to stand out in the sky.

       BYLU Design Studio believe that the design of the entire office space is not only the design of the space, but also the pursuit of balance between the corporate culture in the design, and do not give up.

Into the door is the brand LOGO with red background. The red space not only makes the complex retreat behind the scenes, but also symbolizes enthusiasm and perseverance. Using the combination of red and white design techniques, the designer hopes to pass between the colors. Mutual conversion, pushing the simplicity of space to the peak, expressing the company's excellence in products.

The floor of the manager's office is made of gray-black striped carpet. On the basis of this, the combination of soft and soft is extended, which ensures that the manager's needs can be realized. At the same time, the image of the company is exposed and the office is more humanized.

Next to the open office area is a ten-person conference room with full glass partitions. The designer hopes to let the lighting shine everywhere, creating an independent conversation space, simple and atmospheric design, which can meet the needs of the conference room. In addition to retaining the basic functions of the conference, all other things are removed, so that the storm of the mind can be generated here without any interference.

Designers use the difference in color and material to divide the office space into two. In the design, the pursuit of more internal working attributes is considered, and the dynamic line is extended to the extreme, simple layout and shape design. The streamlined shape is unobstructed. On the choice of desk, the designers use a scaled desk to piece together, this arrangement makes the desktop very neat, and can meet the basic needs of the office.

At the end of the office corridor, you can see the company's representative products, and reflect the company's innovative design and leading technology. The designer even gave precise considerations to the placement of the company's products, and set the meaning of the motorcycle to sail, without a sense of restraint, between the imagination and the reality.

The manager's outdoor wall uses technology stickers, and the designer places the manager's room in a huge floor-to-ceiling window, giving the entire office space environment a sense of technology and ease.

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