Bar Rouge

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The EDS Interior design team is an ingenious and top-level design agency, from an artistic point of view, boldly transforming the lines and creating a new Bar Rouge with avant-garde fashion design.

The Bar Rouge project is located on the top floor of 18 Shanghai Bund, with superb views of the Bund, Huangpu River and Lujiazui. The EDS Interior design team has an in-depth analysis of the overall background culture. The original intention of the designer is to create a free, unrestrained and energetic space and make it a classic.

Bar Counter

Music,dazzling lights, smoke, lasers... The exciting bar design transforms the bar space into another world.



VIP Room

The leisure and romantic design makes the overall space more in-depth, greatly enhances the bar style, and brings a dynamic experience that inspires the visual and impacts the soul.


The design of the card holder focuses on lighting and sound effects, creating a new sound experience experience for guests to enjoy the luxury party experience.

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