Workplace interior ideas: A shift to wood

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Wood has long been an important material in structural architecture and also provides a timeless appeal to interior design.
There are 4 common styles of interior design:
• Industrial- this is characterized by a mature, rugged vintage appearance.
• Farmhouse- this style is best described as a modern rustic.
• Urban modern- a modern design that combines minimalism and edgy chic.
• Mid-century modern- classic, clean look with a mix of organic and geometric shapes, focusing mostly on functionality.

P. Metric Parametric Architecture, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Whether you opt for rustic or modern, the adaptable wood is taking workplace interior by storm and designers won't mind if they're here to stay. 

MBank., Warszawa, Poland


The road has been paved

Workplace offices have come to adopt the use of wood in design and construction and interior designers are gearing up to incorporate the versatile material to add organic warmth to offices, especially to reception areas.

Harcourts, Changning District, Shanghai, China

Prestigious architecture workspaces of the United States, central Netherlands, and Northern Europe have been using wood as an alternative material to replace the conventional aluminum and plastic. Well-known companies such as Red Bull, Grand Gift, and Horizon Media have added a distinctive touch of wood inside their offices and people are taking notice.

AYR, New York, USA

Watson Farley & Williams, London, UK

Benefits of wood in interiors
Why wood? Bringing wood in for workplace interior design has many advantages. It is a natural construction material that is eco-friendly and will surely get the approval of Mother Nature. It adds warmth to workspaces and sends a welcoming greeting to everyone especially visitors.

Shire, Shanghai, China

Wood also has the ability to help spark creativity and serenity among employees and staff. It can even combat boredom thus raise the productivity bar up a notch or two. In addition, wood has an insulating function that relines the distribution of heat in buildings, which results in energy efficiency.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Corporate Headquarters, New York, USA

LUCRON, Bratislava, Slovakia

Versatile and functional
Wood is a versatile material that can be used in furniture and walls and is an excellent choice of material for custom furnishings of all types. It is an effective way to bring personality into a workspace and put final touches on your interior design. Play with your creativity and see how wood can be mixed with other materials which can be awesome yet simple.

NAI HUNNEMAN Equatorial Hotel and Office, Shanghai, China

Wood has long been a top choice in flooring and when used in prefabricated and modular structures, it can shorten construction deadlines. This will also deem offices removable, expandable, and reusable. If you want to do away with cold or clinical designs that lack visual interest, touches of wood or even an entire wood covered wall is the perfect solution.


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