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The office is the heart of the company. And the specifics of its planning largely depends on the efficiency of individual employees, and the quality of the business as a whole. So how to office architecture design? Make it open or divide employees by offices or partitions? It would seem a matter of taste, but the open office interior design concepts , which is so fashionable today among innovative companies, has only received a number of serious critics over the past few years.

Glass partition walls are great for  creating open, airy work environments

Specialists from the University of Sydney Jangso Kim and Richard de Dir published the results of their research of 42,000 office workers in the United States and came to a disappointing conclusion: the open space staff are satisfied with their work, the climate in the team and the convenience of their jobs are much less cabinets. Respondents from open space noted increased fatigue, nervousness, and decreased productivity of labor, rather than their counterparts working in offices.

Glass partition walls are great for  creating open, airy work environments

The advantage of such a space has always been considered close relations within the team and the ease of communication in open service. As early as 1982, the study of the journal Environment and Behavior appeared, the authors of which substantiate that an open office only leads to obstacles in communication between employees, the cause of which is the lack of personal space.

By the way, Environment and Behavior has published more than a dozen studies over three decades proving that open space is inferior to classic cabinets. According to the BBC, in 90% of all research related to open offices, open space is associated with nervousness, lack of privacy and increased health problems.

In fact, the problem is not only in this, but also in the fact that employees do not have enough rest areas.

Green wall helps to employees to relax


Wood partition and Gradient Glass Wall gives a little privacy

You need to look for a middle ground, creating in the office both open public spaces and closed premises in a ratio convenient for the company. To do this, do not need a major overhaul and brick walls, you just need to correctly select the partitions.

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