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Work environments are important. We spend most of our waking hours at work, and how our office spaces are designed can have a substantial impact on our health, happiness, and work productivity. For example, a study by Northwestern University shows that offices designed with more natural light positively affects employees. They sleep longer and better, have more physical activity and better quality of life, compared to office workers with less light exposure in the workplace.

There are basic standards of lighting, but each employee must have an individual light source, in addition to the general one. It is important to take into account not only the norms, but also the temperature of the light. Therefore, the color temperature should be selected depending on the tasks of a particular office space.


Basic rules should be taken into the account while creating lightening:
- The desired color temperature. The warm "light" disposes a person to relaxation, turning into drowsiness, and too "cold" will mercilessly spur the nervous system, increasing the level of tension.
- The correct level of illumination (at least 300 lux for general lighting (in the aisles and, in general, in the office). Not less than 500 lux directly on desks from the combined lighting (general lighting with local (pendant lamp or desk lamp). Combined lighting It is considered the most effective and optimal for work.The ability to control the color temperature and the intensity of the flow of light in lamps and table lamps There are three types of lighting in office spaces: 

general (provided by built-in and pendant lamps);

local (table lamps, floor lamps or pendant lamps directly above the workplace);

decorative (accents on the details of the interior and other decorative elements of light)

A pendant lamp is suitable for lighting open spaces, as well for meeting rooms, brainstorms, or presentations.

Lamps diffused light (the light is emitted in all directions) have the highest efficiency and are suitable for general lighting. Reflection of light from walls, ceiling and floor creates a feeling of light comfort in the general perception of a room as saturated with light without a blinding effect. But with the dark colors of the walls and furniture, you will have to put much more powerful lamps, that is, in this case it is better to organize local lighting additionally.

The most common and convenient from the point of view of service, are recessed lights. Since the working area occupies a large part of the office, the use of LED light sources is gaining importance because it saves energy.

Another point is the creation of an individual space for each employee at his desk. In this case, the light is a convenient tool: you can make the temperature of the light cooler or, conversely, warmer, the light can be bright or dimmed, depending on individual preferences and human biological rhythms.

Under the "warm" light takes the yellowish shade of the setting sun - it is usually used to illuminate rooms or rooms where people relax, for example, kitchen areas, as it has to relax. Table lamps "cold" light are ideal for the work area, they contribute to the concentration of attention of employees. However, the constant cold light, which increases concentration of attention, can quickly tire, because an active, stressed state over time leads to a decrease in efficiency.

For general lighting above the table, it is better to use several lamps that give uniform diffused light than one, but powerful. We categorically do not recommend using a desk lamp without a general ceiling light, since a sharp light contrast has a bad effect on vision. It should be remembered that for the comfort of employees, the lighting in the office should be uniform, that is, about the same in terms of the number of suites, so that when they take their eyes off the computer screen, they do not feel the tension due to strong changes in the brightness of the environment.


To sum up, lighting solutions help solve several problems at once and increase productivity. Proper use of this tool allows you to influence the creation of favorable conditions of visibility, preventing eye fatigue and maintaining the well-being of those who are in the office. However, no less knowledge of good lighting has for artistic solutions to the interior. From the correct location of the light depends on the decorative and architectural design. Light and shadow are the basis of the form, while emphasizing the most decorative parts of the interior.

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