Creating a favourable acoustic environment in the office

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For office space, two questions are the most important from the acoustics point of view. First comes a question of providing a favorable acoustic environment in rooms with several workplaces. Second, a question of ensuring secrecy, i.e. high sound insulation of meeting rooms and executive offices.

If there are several manager workplaces in the same office space, then special measures to ensure acoustic comfort in the room are needed. Today, to create acoustic comfort, office systems based on mobile partitions with a height of 1.2–1.8 m, which form a sound-absorbing environment in rooms with several workplaces are used. The most effective acoustic screens are relatively complex in construction partitions not less than 60 mm thick, consisting of two panels (MDF - foam rubber - fabric), and with a hollow space inside which you can hide all the wiring.

In addition, the combination of partitions of different heights allows you to create such acoustic configurations, when one sector of the workplace is acoustically protected and the other, on the contrary, facilitates the work of the manager with the client.

With all this, it is also desirable that managers and director from their workplaces can see each other, as this strengthens discipline, promotes mutual control and thereby increases labor productivity. But if the walls and the ceiling of such a room are made of hard, well-reflecting sound materials (for example, from painted gypsum plasterboard), then outside noise for every worker forces them to constantly strain their ears and raise their voices. There is also noise from a large number of office equipment. This, ultimately, leads to premature fatigue and irritability of employees to decrease in labor productivity and conflicts in the team.

Sound-absorbing material and the so-called “jamming” of the room are also important to create a favorable acoustic environment in the office. The required part of the reflected sound is suppressed, as a result of which the volume of voice and other noise sources can be reduced to two to three times. The remaining direct sound (directly from the source to the ear of the listening person), in combination with a strictly defined part of the reflected sound, provides high clarity and intelligibility of speech, which is convenient when managers communicate with each other.

Traditionally, the ceiling space is used as the main sound-absorbing surface, and the suspended acoustic ceiling is used as the sound-absorbing structure, which has, among other things, many other convenient properties characteristic of the entire class of suspended ceilings. For such a ceiling, to the already familiar functional properties: the possibility of installation in the over-ceiling space of ventilation systems, electrical communications and built-in lighting systems, high sound-absorbing properties are also added.

Moreover, sound absorbing walls can be used as a good design decision. For example, wall and ceiling tiles from Australian brand "Woven Image" create a recognizable brand identity and at the same time have good sound-absorbing function

Sometimes, to create a favorable acoustic environment in a large office is not enough to use only suspended acoustic ceiling. The calculation shows that to obtain the required acoustic characteristics of the room, it is necessary to use areas larger than the ceiling area. As a rule, this occurs in rooms with very high ceilings. Then, in addition to the suspended sound-absorbing ceiling, and sometimes instead of it (if, due to certain circumstances, the ceiling cannot be covered with a suspension system), wall acoustic panels are also used, which also have very high sound absorption characteristics.

To sum up, to ensure proper acoustics in the office, a whole range of measures is necessary with an individual approach, depending on needs.

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