Intelligent Lighting Systems: An Innovative Breakthrough

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Light is a fascinating element that we can’t do without. In the modern world that we live in, it has evolved into a demand-driven and sensor-based system that provides the highest quality of functionality and energy efficiency, a sensor that automatically provides optimal light ambiance and at the same time switches off when no one is around. These intelligent lighting solutions generate the perfect light in homes, office buildings, educational facilities, and health institutions. Demand-driven building automation and innovative sensor technology help improve quality of life and energy efficiency everywhere.

Intelligent Lighting Systems: Why We Need It

The demand for more energy and cost efficient lighting systems is constantly increasing. Innovations such as the use of control technology, dimming, daylight equalization, and movement detection have been paving the way to improve efficiency. Control systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated allowing the systems to detect variations in the building and compensate accordingly. 

What does an intelligent lighting system do? What does it mean? Intelligent lighting can turn the lights on when people are present and turn off when no one is around. The motion sensors ensure that lights are only used when necessary and reduce wastage. It adjusts to the natural light available which equates to savings in the electric bills.

Intelligent Home Lighting Systems

Intelligent lighting is becoming a major factor in the drive for energy efficiency in domestic premises. This lighting system can be programmed for a particular mood and can be controlled automatically. It can be operated using a cellular phone or over the internet. It can also control the lights that are linked to a security system or home cinema system. Intelligent home lighting systems can change color to adjust to your taste, mood, and needs. Lights can turn blue for studying or working and turn softer to bring on sleep. They can also flicker so you don't forget your umbrella when it’s cloudy outside, and even change color when the doorbell rings. If other sensors are integrated, lighting systems are also capable of measuring air quality throughout the home. 

Why LED?

One of the easiest methods to save energy is to turn off lights when not in use. However, frequently turning lights on and off reduces the life span of light bulbs by three times which can increase maintenance costs. Intelligent LED lighting systems are changing these limitations. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the ideal light source for intelligent lighting. The availability of LEDs dates back to the seventies but the white LEDs that are replacing the traditional bulbs in our lamps are a recent invention. Their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and electronic features make them perfect for intelligent control by electronic technology. 

Intelligent Commercial Lighting Systems

According to reports from the US Department of Energy, lighting consumes 29% of the electricity produced in the country. The report also states that traditional lighting used in industrial facilities makes use of 38% of the energy in a typical warehouse and 15% of the energy in a refrigerated warehouse. However, the use of an intelligent lighting system in industries reduces lighting energy use by up to 90%. This proves that the intelligent lighting system delivers maximum savings and complete flexibility, transforming the energy footprint of industrial facilities.

Warehouses are necessary for manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, and customs and are one of the most expensive and challenging environments for lighting. Since the lights are left on all the time, this increases operating costs without improving safety or productivity. Facilities across the globe can save on energy and protect their organizations from rising energy prices by limiting the use of lighting and switching to more efficient, intelligent LED technologies. These intelligent LED technologies can monitor the warehouse during the day and be turned off or dimmed as appropriate which can save a significant amount of energy and money.

Cold storage facilities can also benefit from intelligent lighting systems since leaving lights on all day could add heat to the chilled environment. They can also provide high-quality light in aisles when operators are present. 


Intelligent lighting systems allow users to easily customize the system for optimum performance. The unique dimming characteristic of intelligent lights can help facilities save energy by dimming the lighting down to 7% of the brightness and the motion sensors also ensure that lights are only used when required, thereby reducing electricity wastage. These make intelligent lighting systems the greener, cheaper, and more flexible alternative to lighting. However, the initial costs associated with the components, installation, and design of intelligent lighting systems, as well as low levels of product awareness, are limiting their entry into new markets.

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